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The artwork for Jeremy Robertson & the Class Action's "Wait & See" EP. (FILE)
The artwork for Jeremy Robertson & the Class Action's "Wait & See" EP. (FILE)

With worthwhile mainstream releases being few and far between this year, now is the time to add some local, independent flair to your music library. Life as a local, independent artist can be incredibly rewarding, but it is not always easy to find ways to ensure that your tracks get the attention needed to excel in the highly competitive music industry. In the modern age, building an online fan base is the key to success when it comes to making a career from music and it is because of this that some artists turn to alternative methods of generating streams such as buying Spotify plays. You can learn more about buying Spotify plays here: https://getfans.io/buy-spotify-plays. For now though, here are some of the latest releases from local artists to add to your playlist:

Daniel Young—“Unexpected”

The artwork for Daniel Young's
The artwork for Daniel Young’s “Unexpected” EP. (FILE)


Daniel Young’s debut release came about after the producer wanted to try his hand at electronic dance music. “Unexpected” is a brief, but solid first step into the realm of EDM for Young. The Kickstarter-funded release features enjoyable atmospheric sound pieces, such as “Coeval” and dubstep-influenced cuts like the Skrillex-esque “Where We Could Be.”
Best tracks: “Where We Could Be” and “Coeval”
Available on: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

Harper—“Get Home”

The artwork for Harper's
The artwork for Harper’s “Get Home” EP. (FILE)


Post-hardcore group Harper’s debut EP delivers on the genre’s mission — heavy music with emotion-filled lyrics. “Get Home” features a solid blend of skilled instrumentation and interesting structural moments, such as the spoken word interlude on “What Happened to Mitty Smith?” While the genre’s staples, such as screaming vocals, are instant turn offs for some listeners, those looking for a heavy dose of post-hardcore are in for a treat.
Best Tracks: “What Happened to Mitty Smith?” and “Look at These Cuties”
Available on: Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify

Jeremy Robertson and the Class Action—“Wait and See”

The artwork for Jeremy Robertson & the Class Action's
The artwork for Jeremy Robertson & the Class Action’s “Wait & See” EP. (FILE)


“Wait and See” is the debut EP from local singer-songwriter Jeremy Robertson and his backing band The Class Action. This Kickstarter-funded EP features seven tracks filled with tight instrumentation and ear-catching melodies, such as the blues-influenced “Settle Down” and the danceable “Get Into the Groove.” Even though Robertson’s vocals are lacking at spots, it’s more than forgiven on tracks like “Danger” thanks to memorable backing from The Class Action and Robertson’s strong melodies.
Best tracks: “Danger” and “Settle Down”
Available on: iTunes, Spotify

Michael McQuaid—“Heart&Soul”

The artwork for Michael McQuaid's
The artwork for Michael McQuaid’s “Heart & Soul” EP. (FILE)


Michael McQuaid’s debut EP is a pop/rock record for fans of artists such as One Republic. It’s an enjoyable listen filled with songs with memorable choruses, such as “Tender Soul” and “Say.” While “Heart&Soul” feels like it plays it safe when it comes to production and song style, McQuaid’s voice and lyrics make the EP worth a listen.
Best tracks: “Tender Soul” and “Say”
Available on: iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify

Zach Russell—“Muses”

The artwork for Zach Russell's
The artwork for Zach Russell’s “Muses” EP. (FILE)


Singer/songwriter Zach Russell has pop/R&B tracks in his repertoire ranging from upbeat electronic cuts to stripped-down ballads. “Muses” gathers five of his best acoustic tracks, including the upbeat opener “It’ll Be Alright” and the bittersweet “Treason.” Russell’s soulful and powerful voice is prevalent during the duration of the EP and is what makes the tracks memorable.
Best tracks: “It’ll Be Alright” and “Trippin’”
Available on: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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