Freshmen Bag Food For Rutherford County Homeless Children


MTSU Freshmen volunteered their Friday to feed Rutherford County homeless children in a “Freshman Day of Service” event hosted by the Student Government Association on Sept. 12.

Students prepared personalized “snack packs” of foods like applesauce, juice boxes and crackers.

The bags of food will be distributed to homeless children in the 46 Rutherford County schools, said Jenna Stitzel, supervisor for the county’s Coordinated School Health program. “It gives them something healthy to eat over the weekend when they can’t have the healthy foods that they’re provided at school.”

“It was a good way to get volunteer work, do community service and give a helping hand,” said SGA Senator Draper Joyner.

The event also provided new students from out of town the opportunity to get involved in the communities of  Murfreesboro and the Class of 2018, said SGA Senator Katie Hurton.

After putting their bags together, the students were allowed to personalize them by writing a note to each child.

The event allowed freshman the opportunity to reach out and learn to be well-rounded citizens while doing something good for the community.

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