Lori Hart Gives “Making Greek Great” Perspective to MTSU Members

Columns donated to MTSU's Greek Row. Photo by Max Smith MTSU Sidelines News Editor

By: Lance Egly, Contributing Writer

Lori Hart, a motivational speaker with a concentration on Fratenity and Sorority Life, spoke to the MTSU Greek Life community on Tuesday night in Tucker Theater.

Hart speaks at about 75 campuses each year, according to the CampusSpeak website, and regularly covers topics such as stereotypes outside the community, misconceptions of Greek Life, and leadership within FSL.

Hart described three types of people in a Greek organization: new members, current members and officials.

According to Hart, new members aren’t entirely certain of what’s going on while current members are aware, but they tend not to be as motivated. The officials are the members who hold positions of power within the sorority or fraternity and put in endless hours of effort, trying to be as involved as possible. Although the officials may have matters under control, Hart said all members of any Greek organization should want to be deeply ensnared in their organization.

“The thing about sororities and fraternities and how they go about solving problems [is] it really does look entirely different,” Hart said.

She added that the guidelines each chapter follows at any fraternity or sorority meeting are strenuous.

Sororities tend to become more stressed when dealing with dilemmas, whereas fraternities are much more calm and collected during similar problem-solving sessions. Regardless of how the members of either organization deals with their objectives, Harts says Greek Life tends to come up with creative ways to solve their issues and obstacles surrounding the brotherhood or sisterhood to which they have pledged themselves.

Although many have pledged themselves to the lifelong commitment of a fraternity or sorority, there are still many others who aren’t in Greek life, some of which latch onto the stereotypes given to the social community. According to Hart, there are some people that brand Greeks as alcoholics, promiscuous or simply moronic. Hart states that we all, as a community, need to band together to break the social molds given to the Greek Community by people outside the organizations.

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