Students celebrate culture in a “Trip to Saudi Arabia” on Tuesday

Saudi Arabian students perform a traditional dance at Trip to Saudi Arabia in Student Union Ballroom on Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Daniel Jansouzian Staff Writer MTSU Sidelines

The Saudi Student Association hosted a “Trip to Saudi Arabia” in the Student Union Ballroom on Tuesday afternoon.

Students were given a chance to experience Middle Eastern culture, try traditional food and learn about the different regions and cities of the country located on the Arabian Peninsula.

Upon entering the ballroom a stage was set up in the middle of the room for any student who wanted to dance to traditional Saudi music playing over the sound system. To the left, tables were located displaying information and relics from the various regions of the country, including pictures of Mecca and Medina of the West Region, a hookah pipe for the Middle Region, where the nation’s capital, Riyadh, is located, and a lute from the South Region.

Other tables held information about Islam, the country’s national religion, and Saudi popular sports.

In the back of the room, students could enter a tent where they could partake of one of the popular traditions of Saudi culture by drinking Arabic coffee from traditional pitchers and eating dates.

At 1:30, a film played explaining different cities and regions of Saudi Arabia, during which students dressed in traditional Saudi garb passed out kabsah, a Saudi dish consisting of rice and chicken.

After the film students continued to dance and socialize until the end of the event at 3 pm.

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