Tennessee Bill Would Allow College Beer-Manufacturers to ‘Have a Taste’

New legislation could let underage college students interested in beer-making have a taste if Sen. Bill Ketron has his way in the state legislature this spring.

An 18-year-old will be able to taste beer in a college beer manufacturing class Ketron’s bill becomes law in Tennessee.

The new bill would allow it as long as the students were 18 or older, enrolled in a higher education brewing course and spit out the beer rather than consuming it.

The bill proposes that the beer tasting would be permissible when a “qualified academic institution has established a required or elective course in brewing that is designed to train industry professionals in the manufacture of beer.”

The beer tasting is for educational purposes that is part of the instruction of the course, the bill adds.

“The beer remains in control of an authorized instructor of the qualified academic institution who is at least 21 years of age,” the bill notes. “Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow a student under 21 years of age to receive beer unless it is delivered as part of the student’s course requirements.”

In addition to Ketron’s support, State Representative Steve McManus of Cordova is  sponsoring the house bill.

MTSU officials say they are in the early stages of considering beer and wine-making courses.

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