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Student Amber Bradford wears a basic black blazer with a white t-shirt and jeans. This classic look can be worked to fit anyone's personal style by adding accessories. (MTSU Sidelines/Samantha Hearn)

by Ashley Rhoden | Staff Writer
With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to dress for the occasion. Fashion Weeks worldwide are coming to a close, and the buyers are rounding up prize pieces from their favorite collections to put on sale for the public.
Of course, with many of you being college students on a college budget, owning the latest Michael Kors trench coat isn’t an option. However, looking like we sat front row at his show can be.

In my opinion, there is no “official” title for the style I have planned for this week, mainly because everyone does it differently. While we all choose to don these styles as completely unique individuals, we often use the same pieces.

To put it simply, sitting front row at a fashion show isn’t a ticket to be bought, but a seat to be earned. Each guest that is asked to uncross their legs in fear of tripping the models usually has a very distinct, memorable, and incredibly fashionable sense of style.

One of my favorite pieces in any fashionista’s wardrobe is the blazer, because it can give any look purposeful structure in an instant. For those of you who are unsure of what a blazer is, it’s lighter than jacket, but heavier than a cardigan; it’s a layering piece that works well on every body type.

Blazers are super versatile garments—they work with dresses, blouses, jumpers, rompers, you name it! They’re especially fun because they do several things at once: they smooth out the overall shape of your body, some blazers have really neat lining (the lining is the inside of a piece of clothing; it’s that light fabric that’s sewn inside to keep the fabric from scratching your skin), and some are have a very unique construction, which gives a lot of designers some leeway to play around with necklines.

The second piece a fashion savvy individual has is a statement accessory. Statement accessories have one hell of a job, and they do it well! A statement accessory is an accessory that has so much going on that when you’re wearing it with a very basic outfit, it brings your entire look to life.

The really awesome thing about statement pieces is that there is absolutely no shortage of creativity when it comes to its design. Some people might choose to drape crystal flowers around their necks, while others opt for rings that look like house flies.

It’s totally up to you to decide which statement best represents what you’re thinking. When you wear a statement accessory, be it earrings, a necklace, a hairpiece, a bracelet, ring, or handbag, keep the rest of your outfit to a bare minimum. Don’t let your excitement distract us from your impeccable taste in jewelry, because then no one will believe you’re capable of making good decisions.

As far as skirts and dresses are concerned, many fashion bloggers adore flirting with the idea of old fashioned and unlikely hemlines. Generally, there are only two lengths of skirts and dresses that the world are familiar with: the mini skirt, and the long skirt.

In the world of fashion, we’ve broken down hemlines to a T. Believe me, there are many, many lengths between the mid-thigh and the ankle. The one I want you to try is called “Midi-Length”, the bottom of the skirt should land on the middle of your calf. This length can be tricky, however, because it calls attention to the widest part of the leg, which can make your legs look stumpy and short! I only advise my average height to taller ladies to try this one. When done right, it’s a winner.

Finally, I’d like to take this last segment to remind you all that there are other jeans in the world besides skinny jeans. Admittedly, many fashion week front row-ers choose to include these fitted jeans in their outfits, but others take a different route.

This season, I’ve noticed that a lot of attendees wear cropped pants. The hem should hit the skinniest part of your ankle; it’s imperative that the cut looks intentional! The last thing anyone wants is to be strutting to class like Steve Erkel’s girlfriend. Explore textures as well; have fun with it! Cropped pants can look equally as stylish in tweed, corduroys, and denim.

Blazers, statement pieces, midi-length skirts, and cropped pants are pieces that are kind of the norm in a fashion major’s wardrobe. Well, those pieces among a ton of other really interesting things.

I encourage all of you to take a little extra time to get ready in the mornings. Chanel said it best, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway.”

So, what can I expect to see from you this season?

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  1. Avatar
    March 26, 2015

    Thanks for the fashion advice. I am not big on fashion as I love to simple dressing. I like to wear clothes that I can easily put on and take off. This is why dresses are my best friend when it comes to clothes. I will try to put in a little more effort into my dressing like you advised. I discovered blazers last summer and they became a part of my dressing as well. I love to wear them over my strapless dresses, or my jeans. I do not wear long jeans a lot in the summer because they make me feel hot and sweaty. I save them mostly for the winter. My summer clothing are skirts, dresses, and short pants. I wear most styles of skirt except the midi-length skirt, they do not flatter my figure. Maybe I am not tall enough to rock them for now. As for accessories, I do not wear a lot and I do not wear them every day especially if I am going to school. I do not put much effort into getting ready for school. I will try the fashion statement idea since my outfits are mostly simple and minimum. I am ready for the summer, I am tired of wearing jackets every day.

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