Stonekeepers Fall Equinox Celebration

Contributing Writer // Mackenzie Meins

Though it may sound cliché, walking into Stonekeepers for the first time is truly a magical experience.

The environment is rich with pleasant scents and colors. However, the most unforgettable aspect of the shop is the ethereal music that constantly plays in the background.

Stonekeepers, located at 111 E. Lytle St. in Murfreesboro, hosts a variety of common and rare gemstones. Some have been fastened into jewelry while others remain raw and uncut.

The shop also has one of the most extensive local collections of dried herbs, a variety of occult tools and books on almost any kind of spiritual path one might be curious about.

The shop’s environment is attuned specifically to promote what co-owner and manager Carrie Adams calls “spiritual healing.”

“It’s really rewarding working here, because you are not just selling an item, ” Adams said. “A lot of times people come in, and you get to be a catalyst to help them grow or to heal by just being present. A lot of times I just try to help people find other ways to empower themselves so they can reach their goals.”

Part-time employee Maia Lewis agrees.

“The most rewarding thing is being able to help people on their spiritual path, but it’s also nice to work in an environment where I’m not going to get all anxious, sick and super-stressed,” she says.

From Sept. 18-20 Stonekeepers will celebrate the fall equinox with a store-wide sale and special events. Visitors will be able to make a God’s Eye – a Native American protection charm – at a crafting station that will be set up throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, a free beginners yoga meditation class will be held from 2-4 p.m. Sometime over the weekend, Stonekeepers will also repaint its “store goddess” to represent the upcoming season.

Formerly known as Ramona’s Rock Room, Stonekeepers started as a small weekend business that specialized in tumbled stones and wire-wrapped jewelry.

Adams credits the store’s success to the dedication of its customers.  She notes that a lot of stores like Stonekeepers were forced to close down during the recession, and even they had trouble treading financial waters at times.

But as she says, “The mission statement for the store, if I had one, was to give Murfreesboro a reason to support us, by us empowering them and nurturing them.”

One prime example of this is Adams’ “Crystal Grid Project,” in which she gives a small quartz crystal stones – a mineral that purportedly amplifies the intent that is poured into it – to anyone who asks. She advises customers to bury the stones in places that are special to them with the intent of empowering the stone to spread positivity.

For more information about the store and its upcoming events, visit or call (615) 849-1792.

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