Modest Mouse makes a two-night comeback at War Memorial Auditorium

Atlanta Northcutt // Contributing writer

Modest Mouse put on two mind-blowing performances Tuesday and Wednesday night at the historic War Memorial Auditorium in downtown Nashville.

With the release of their newest album, “Strangers to Ourselves,” Modest Mouse has come back from their longest break in creating music. The shows brought together a wide range of songs from over 20 years of performing. Isaac Brock, lead singer and the main lyricist for the group, said that the two nights would contain completely different sets. Each included songs off of their newest album, as well as a slew of well-known classics.

Audience members relished the raw talent coming from the stage. The band took the crowd into dark, heavy places with songs like “Satin in a Coffin,” before bringing them back into a peaceful trance with “The Ocean Breathes Salty.” They played hit after hit as the audience cried and pumped fists into the air. The floor shook as everyone jumped up and down to the beat of “Paper Thin Walls,” during the encore performance.

Brock has an immense talent for creating deep and meaningful lyrics. The lyrics delve into issues concerning our culture’s norms and hypocrisy in many different areas while still pairing wonderfully with intense rock sounds and catchy guitar riffs.

“I believe that art can impact culture but at the same time, the government controls the arts in a way,” Brock said. “I don’t know how I feel about the subject. I can see both sides.”

The multi-talented band members moved across the stage, switching between instruments like trumpets, keyboards, electric violins and banjos. Modest Mouse’s gorgeous melodies and eccentric outbursts of electric music exuded a lush, unique sound that provided the perfect backdrop for Brock’s lyrics.

Modest Mouse fans enjoyed two nights of concerts Oct. 13-14 (Atlanta Northcutt // MTSU Sidelines)
Modest Mouse fans enjoyed two nights of concerts Oct. 13-14 (Atlanta Northcutt // MTSU Sidelines)

The concert venue itself was intimate. Brock often addressed the audience, asking if everyone was enjoying themselves. The light show blended perfectly with the vibes of the music being played. During the darker songs, hues of red kept everyone on edge, while blue lights fell above the audience during the softer pieces. Lovers held one another and danced together. When the band began to rock out, the flashing lights combined with the heavy guitar strumming had everyone jumping.

Modest Mouse’s indie-rock sound agreed with Music City. The band’s long legacy of creating beautiful music with thought-provoking lyrics continues to excite and amaze their fans.

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