Aziz Ansari’s ‘Master of None’ brings home key points of young adulthood, ‘Mastering’ authentic comedy

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix original series, Master of None, is hilarious and painfully relatable to college students and graduates alike.

Not dissimilar to Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, Master of None, takes on the factors of everyday life in a—almost offensively—real light that makes the average young adult contemplate issues of parents, career and relationships fairly intensely. But don’t worry — the humor takes away the sting.

Dev (Ansari) and his band of diverse 20-30 something adults really hit close to home with anyone considering the next move in their career or family. This relatability is the same thing that brings Ansari’s signature authentic comedic approach and is what makes Master of None’s humor so effective.

Tackling race in Hollywood, children, marriage and career goals along side his merry gang of friends and parents (played by Ansari’s actual parents who will have you rolling and wanting to call your own), Aziz Ansari is able to marry his Parks and Recreation Character (Tom Haviford) and real-life persona into one breathtakingly realistic and reflective young adult.

Actually, it’s not even “realistic”–it’s real. When Ansari addresses race in Hollywood, he doesn’t just talk about it, he fights it, being a minority actor who hired a lesbian african-american, a Tiawanese actor and (obviously) himself, an Indian actor, to fill main roles.

In a modern and diverse way, Master of None takes a very Seinfeld-esque approach to situational comedy. Each episode is titled and themed according to one issue or topic that will be faced in a genuine yet hilarious manor. In 30-minute increments, Ansari and gang are able to to make the viewer feel more at peace about adult decisions by driving home the point,”we’ve all been there.”

Dev walks through every feared and envied aspect of post-graduate adulthood with both tact and humor in such a personable way that you won’t put down your phone (or otherwise Netflix-capable device)  until the season is over.

With this groundbreaking new series,”Netflix and chill,” has become “Netflix and shhh…Aziz is talking.”

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