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Jordan Trice // Contributing writer

American hip-hop artist Logic released his sophomore album The Incredible True Story on Friday, Nov. 13. Logic has often been considered an underground rapper, not as popular as the mainstream artists in the genre. However, his debut album, Under Pressure, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 100, which significantly increased his popularity and set the standards for his highly anticipated sophomore effort, “The Incredible True Story.”

The album has received mixed reviews, ranging from positive remarks to concerns about Logic’s change in sound and rhythm compared to Under Pressure from long-time critics and fans. Logic addressed this concern in the track “City of Stars,” along with other issues such as racism, his perspective on his importance in society and his continuous rise to stardom.

The Incredible True Story is an album that contains futuristic sci-fi “space logs” that describe the journey of spacemen in search of a planet called “Paradise” in order to inhabit a new suitable home for humans since Earth became uninhabitable over 100 years ago. The album includes a wide variety of sounds from jazz, soul, trap and ’90s boom bap, more so than his previous album. Logic’s album also draws samples from other famous hip-hop songs. “City of Stars” can be closely compared to “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West, along with West’s “Amazing” being related to Logic’s song “Contact.”

Logic is currently visiting cities across the country for meet and greets and to promote his album. Logic also collaborated with the clothing brand Diamond Supply Company by selling limited edition NASA-themed T-shirts and hoodies, which almost immediately sold out after the collaboration was announced to the public.

In a recent interview on radio program The Breakfast Club, Logic mentioned that he was nervous about first making the album because it was really nerdy, which in turn actually helped set him free with creating this album so he could be himself. He also talks about how artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and the former hip-hop group Outkast inspired him during the composition of the album. The full interview is available here.

Google Play is currently promoting a special offer where you can purchase The Incredible True Story for $4.99, which includes an exclusive t-shirt and poster. The album is also available at various retailers and on iTunes.

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