University to impound stagnant or abandoned bikes starting this week

MTSU will start tagging improperly stored, abandoned or damaged bicycles this week and will impound tagged bikes that are not removed by the end of the business day on Dec. 4.

According to a release from the university:

Pursuant to the Bicycle Registration and Parking Regulations section 13-8:a, Parking Services will be impounding bikes that appear to be abandoned, in a state of disrepair or inappropriately secured.

The MTSU traffic and parking policy states that bikes are considered to be in “disrepair” if they have flat tires, bent rims, rusted rims, broken or rusted chains or brakes or other such damages. The policy also states that signs of abandonment include, but are not limited to, appearance of non-use, spider webs, missing parts, etc.

Bikes that appear to be in disrepair or abandoned will be tagged or booted prior to the impound date; bikes that are tagged but not removed by Dec. 4 will be impounded by the university.

According to the policy, once a bike that has been registered through the university as impounded, MTSU will use reasonable efforts to attempt to contact the owner using the owner’s registration information. Registered bicycles will only be released to the registered owner with valid photo identification.

An owner of a bicycle that has not been registered may still reclaim his/her bicycle as long as the purported owner can provide an accurate description of the bicycle, a valid MTSU identification card (for students, faculty, and employees) or photo identification (for outside parties), and the key or combination to the lock that was being used to secure the booted or impounded bicycle. Parking and Transportation Services will verify the information provided and confirm that the key/combination provided opens the bicycle lock. The bicycle owner will be required to register the bicycle before the bicycle will be released.

Impounded bicycles that are not claimed will be disposed of in accordance with the Tennessee Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, Tenn. Code Ann. § 66-29-103 et seq.

If you have any questions please contact Parking and Transportation Services via phone (615)898-2850 or via email at

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