The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: One of my favorite holidays

Jessie Williams // Contributing writer

After the turkey has been put to bed and Thanksgiving leftovers have met their match, people normally start getting out their Christmas gear in preparation for the jolly holiday that’s right around the corner.

Then there are people like me, the small handful that celebrates one more holiday before Christmas hits: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The annual show airs one time only in December, and most fashion freaks like myself can’t wait. We stalk social media for hints about what new Angels will get their wings, what exclusive products will be released and which musicians will be hitting the stage.

I’ve heard people complain that half-naked women trotting around in lingerie shouldn’t be shown on family television. The funny thing is most people who say this haven’t seen one show for themselves. It’s hardly as explicit or as erotic as the sorts of things you might find on Babestation; some people don’t have a clue.

The show airs when most 6-to-12-year-olds should be in bed, so it isn’t necessarily “family television,” nor has it ever claimed to be. Also, some of the same people who make these statements don’t care about gathering the family together to watch the MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, or other award shows that are full of derogatory and definitely not child-appropriate content. Why is it okay to watch these shows with their families but protest others that aren’t half as bad?

Why is watching beautiful, confident women walk down a runway in tasteful and stylish attire such a bad thing? Girls are told to embrace their bodies, and yet people act like women being comfortable in their own skin shouldn’t be shown on TV.

I love the show because it’s the one fashion event of the year that invites the whole world: You don’t have to have an exclusive pass or know someone who knows someone to get into the show. It’s right there on your TV, and everyone has a front-row seat. No other fashion brand or designer has done that.

I may not get to go to New York Fashion Week and see all the cool fashion shows, but, thanks to Victoria’s Secret, I can experience it in my own way once a year. I get to see backstage footage, some of my favorite artists and models and, for an hour I feel like I’m sitting right there.

As a model and fashion junkie, this is one of the best nights in fashion to experience. I look forward to it all year – and every year is different. To me, the women don’t seem as sexy as they do artistic, telling a story through their attire.

So what do I have to say to all the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show haters? Open your mind, take a deep breath, watch the show and then let me know if you still think the same.

If you do, then maybe the fashion world just isn’t for you.

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    Barbara Sherman
    December 9, 2015

    Barbara Sherman
    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: One of my favorite holidays
    The Victoria Secret Fashion show is something that I look forward to every year. I personally watch the show for personal motivation and body aspirations. Others may watch the show for pure entertainment or outfit ideas. There has always been controversy about the show being played over national television, because the models in the fashion show are barely wearing any clothing and it could come off very provocative and create problems in and outside of homes.
    Seeing how the Victoria Secret Fashion show comes on after 9, I think that it is appropriate to air it over national television. The people (children) who should not be watching it, are indeed tucked away for the night; therefore people who are mature enough to view the show are the individuals who are up channel surfing. People also say the Victoria Secret Fashion show can give other women self-esteem issues. I agree with this, however people have a choice to watch whatever they please on television, so one should not limit themselves to a show if it gives them problems mentally.
    In conclusion, I think the yearly Victoria Secret Fashion show shall continue. I do not see much harm in the show, and I personally enjoy watching it every year. It is a different way for beautiful females to strut their stuff while having fun before people’s eyes. This show could be a confidence boost for some girls and taking that away wouldn’t be right; I love the annual Victoria Secret Fashion show.

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