Fox Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd calls out MTSU football

Colin Cowherd has been known to be more opinionated than anyone when it comes to his viewpoints, but the former ESPN radio host now Fox Sports 1 host took a simple question Wednesday and turned it into a three-minute rant.

Cowherd was an ESPN radio host for a few years but was let go last July after his comments on air about Dominican baseball players. Cowherd has since moved across the country to Los Angeles, and now does his usual antics on Fox Sports 1 with this show The Herd.

On Wednesday’s show, caller “Scott” posed a question during a segment on paying college athletes. Scott posed the question about what it would mean for programs like ours here at MTSU.

“Screw Middle Tennessee State, screw ’em, we don’t need ’em. If you can’t afford it, get lost,” Cowherd responded instantly shutting down the caller. “Who says college football is about central divisional trucking schools?”

Cowherd continued his rant with comments that if Middle Tennessee fell off the earth the next day it wouldn’t affect him one bit.

“You’re telling me we don’t pay college athletes so that Middle Tennessee can survive? That’s your reasoning?” Cowherd asked as he continued. “Who cares? They shouldn’t be playing football anyway.”

Cowherd finished his rant with statements regarding the scheduling that he believes programs like Middle Tennessee have to put together to stay in business.

“Those teams have to play Tennessee and get beat 68-0 just to afford to pay for their football program,” Cowherd said. “If you have to play a bodybag game twice a year just to have a football program, drop football and focus on academics.”

Cowherd’s comments have already caused debate on Twitter. Blue Raider defensive back Alex Dale started using the hashtag “#GetColinCowherdtotheBoro.” Dale even posed the question whether the university should provide sideline passes to the host for a home game this next season.

Cowherd’s comments also caught the attention of MTSU Director of Athletics Chris Massarro, who replied directly to the host.

“Colin-We our proud of our fb program and play it for many reasons beyond trying to garner your attention in LA,” he tweeted.

Watch the clip from Cowherd’s show below:

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  1. Avatar
    John Michael
    January 23, 2016

    Collin Cowherd can kiss my butt. He is an idiot and someone who thinks he knows everything

  2. […] Fox Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd calls out MTSU football […]

  3. Avatar
    February 3, 2016

    As a member of the MTSU dance team I am required to practice three times a week for the football games on Saturday nights. We as a team love our Blue Raiders and support them through rain or shine. No we may not be the biggest SEC school packing the stadium each and every Saturday night, but that does not mean that the love this city has for this school and its athletic program does not exist. These boy practice just as hard if not harder for the season as any of these big conference teams in the south. As far as athletes getting paid I do not believe it is beneficial to the sport and its growth. You come to college to get an education. Not get paid for the sport that you play. Sure I would love to be paid for dancing at all the football games and all of the athletic events but left be honest half of the student body does not even know that we have a dance team. Yes our boys work hard and they deserve to play the game that they love, but do they really need to be on a payroll ? This mans rant should have no effect on us as a program. It should only make us stronger as a university and thank of ways to prove him wrong so later down the road we can heard a broadcast of his apologies.

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