7 MTSU majors you should know

Students traversing campus in front of the Student Union Building on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016. (MTSU Sidelines / David Taylor)

Story by Wes Dunbar // Contributing Writer

“What is your major?”

Every college student hears this question ad nauseam for the first part of their adult life. Some may reply with “business,” while others might say “engineering.” Some majors are more common than others, but every once in a while you hear about the oddballs; the “out-in-left-field” majors. Even at MTSU there are a few unique areas of study that are either wildly specific, truly random or generally unknown, and we’ve compiled them in a list for you.

  1. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, B.S.

First up to bat is this gem from the area of Psychology. Industrial/Organizational Psychology primarily deals with the human resource division of the workplace. The focus of this discipline is hiring, firing, training and the general betterment of the workplace. In other words, you’re essentially training to be Toby from “The Office.” A more extensive overview of organizational psychology can be found on the University of Southern California website.

  1. University Studies, B.Unv.S

This one truly sounds awesome. The best description I can give you is that University Studies majors essentially get to take whatever classes they want. No joke. There are, however, some requirements: students must take 41 general education requirement hours and nine upper-division level courses. Being in a major that gives students so much control, it would be easy to see why the power might go to their head. Afterall, who doesn’t want to hand pick their classes and future?

  1. Organizational Communication, B.S.

Have you ever thrown a party, organized a charity event or sent out an important email? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may already have an interest in organizational communications. Essentially, students in this major can expect to direct large groups of people on a regular basis. Be it for profit or nonprofit, these students begin their college careers by taking several English and communication courses, eventually moving on to more major-specific classes by their sophomore year. As a senior, you could find yourself organizing the next big music festival or doing fundraising for your favorite nonprofit group.

  1. International Relations, B.S.

This is a fairly straightforward name for a complex major. International Relations majors can do anything from becoming a translator, working for a news outlet or being an ambassador for the United States. That’s right, you can be the next Claire Underwood and help bring U.S. diplomacy to other nations around the world. Just make sure along the way you don’t forget the little people here at MTSU.

  1. Entrepreneurship, B.B.A.

“Sell me this pen”… So you want to start your own business, huh? Well, entrepreneurship might be a good major to start with. The best part is that this is a fairly flexible major, so even if you don’t want to start a business, you’re still covered. The meat of this major’s courses are typically accounting or economics-based, which will start your freshman or sophomore year. Entreprenuership is another major that allows the student to creatively mold their own future.

  1. Aerospace, B.S.

MTSU’s aerospace program is one of the most noted departmentalized majors on campus. One could almost say that it’s “out of this world.” All jokes aside, students who seek this major can expect plenty of job opportunities upon graduating, with employers of former MTSU grads like American Airlines, Lockheed Martin and the United Parcel Service being potential destinations. Students can expect to begin their college careers hot and heavy with courses specializing in aeronautics, so if you’re scared of hard work and heavily specialized, intricate coursework, this might not be the major for you. If you should manage to come out the other side with a degree you’ll be “flying high” above the job market competition.

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S.

Sonography is the field that specializes in procedures, like ultrasounds, to view the body internally. Speaking specifically here at MTSU, it is considered to be a health science concentration within the Science department. As a result of this, a prospective sonographer can expect to take their fair share of science classes, and they’ll start working on their professional program credits to give them additional learning opportunities during their senior year. After graduation, someone with this degree can expect to be in high demand as medical technology continues to develop and as the entire medical field changes to meet the needs of society.

So there you have it: seven unexpected majors offered at MTSU. Remember, it’s never too late to change!

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