MTSU Hoverboard ban goes into effect today

By Devin Ross // Contributing Writer | Photo from Flickr // Ben Larcey

MTSU has announced a campus-wide ban on Hoverboards due to safety concerns that begins today.

 In addition to Hoverboards, MTSU’s Environmental and Health and Safety Committee has also banned Swagways, IO Hawks and Skywalkers after deciding they pose a threat to campus safety.

This is just the latest in a slew of bans on the two-wheeled, electric transport devices on college campuses across the country. The bans have become even more prevelent in the last month after a report was issued by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission condemning the products as safety hazards. 

 According to the report, products that do not meet safety standards cause an “unreasonable risk of fire to consumers” and if ignited can cause “serious injury or death.” 

The report also states that these products have caused over $2 million in property damage over the past two years. Just last month the product was blamed for the destruction of $1 million home in Nashville.

 Disciplinary action will go into effect immediately for students caught using or possessing Hoverboards and similar devices on campus. 

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