Who won each state on Super Tuesday?

Voters from 11 states casted their ballots on “Super Tuesday” this week during the presidential primary election.

The election results showed that Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D) both won seven of the 11 states for their parties, and currently take the lead in the presidential race.

Ted Cruz held second place for the Republicans, leaving Marco Rubio with one winning state and third place.

Below are the election results for both parties from each state that participated in “Super Tuesday”:

Republican Winners

Alabama – Trump won with 43 percent, beating Cruz by 22 percent and Rubio by 24 percent.

Alaska – Cruz won with 36 percent of the votes, only two more percent than Trump.

Arkansas – Trump took Arkansas with 33 percent of Republican votes, beating Cruz by only two percent.

Georgia – Trump won with 39 percent, with Cruz and Rubio tying with 24 percent of the votes.

Massachusetts – Trump took this state with 49 percent of the votes, leaving Cruz with 10 percent and Rubio with 18.

Minnesota – Rubio won Minnesota with 37 percent of the votes. Cruz came in second with 29 percent and Trump received 21 percent in this state.

Oklahoma – Cruz gets this state with 34 percent of the votes, while Trump got 28 percent and Rubio got 21 percent.

Tennessee – Trump won Tennessee with 39 percent of the Republican votes, with Cruz at 25 percent and Rubio at 21.

Texas – Cruz took Texas with 44 percent of the votes, which was 17 percent more than Trump and 26 percent more votes than Rubio received.

Vermont – Trump won with 33 percent of votes. Rubio came in second at 19, and Cruz was left with 10 percent.

Virginia – Trump gets Virginia with 35 percent of the votes, only three more percent than Rubio. Cruz came in third with 17 percent.

Democratic Winners

Alabama – Clinton won Alabama with 78 percent of the Democratic votes, leaving Bernie Sanders with 19.

Arkansas – Clinton came in first with 66 percent of the votes, and Sanders fell second with 30 percent.

Colorado – Sanders won Colorado with 59 percent, which was 19 more percent than Clinton received.

Georgia – Clinton took Georgia with 71 percent, with Sanders getting 28 percent of the votes.

Massachusetts – Clinton won this state with 50 percent of votes, only one more percent than Sanders.

Minnesota – Sanders took this state with 62 percent and Clinton came in second with 38.

Oklahoma – Sanders beat Clinton by 10 percent with 52 percent of the votes.

Tennessee – Clinton took Tennessee with 66 percent as Sanders received 32 percent.

Texas – Clinton won Texas with 65 percent of Democratic votes, with Sanders at 33.

Vermont – Sanders won his home state by a landslide with 86 percent of the votes. Clinton received 14.

Virginia – Clinton won Virginia with 64 percent, and left Sanders with 35.

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