MTSU student arrested for aggravated assault, other charges at Nacho’s Mexican Restaurant

On Tuesday, officers responded to an armed suspect at Nacho’s Mexican Restaurant following a call from the victim that alleged that MTSU student Troy Welch had flashed a gun at her.

After following Welch out of the restaurant parking lot to Pagosa Court, officers performed a felony traffic stop and detained Welch. Welch then explained to Murfreesboro police that he “brandished a gun” at the victim. Officers then arrested Welch. During his arrest, one arresting officer noticed an odor of intoxicant about Welch’s person, glossy eyes and an unsteadiness on his feet, according to police. When asked how much he had to drink, Welch admitted to consuming two beers.

At this time, other officers brought the victim to Welch’s location to identify him. After seeing Welch, the victim identified him as the person with the gun. The victim claimed that Welch became upset at the noise level inside of Nacho’s Mexican Restaurant, as he could not hear the questions being asked for trivia night. After leaving the restaurant with her friends, the victim saw Welch in the parking lot where he was making remarks and cursing. The victim then entered her vehicle and left the parking lot. The victim alleged that on her way out, Welch drove behind her vehicle at a high speed, almost hitting it. The victim then exited her vehicle and yelled, “What the f— are you doing?” At this time, Welch pointed a gun at her.

After obtaining statements from the victim and witnesses, officers performed a consent search of Welch’s vehicle and found a handgun, which was collected as evidence. Officers then requested blood from Welch and he refused. Later, a search warrant was obtained for a sample of Welch’s blood and sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for testing.

Welch was charged with aggravated assault, a DUI, possession of a weapon while intoxicated and violation of implied content.

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