Crash course: A look at MTSU’s best napping spots

Rest area in the University Honors Building (Kali Hammon/ MTSU Sidelines).

Photo and Story by Kali Hammon / Contributing Writer

Between exams, homework and group projects, it’s easy for college students to become sleep-deprived. Although MTSU hasn’t started offering napping pods, like the ones at universities such as James Madison and the University of Miami, we still have plenty of places that are great for taking a quick snooze between classes. Just in case you have not already found your comfortable napping spot, or perhaps maybe you’re not sleeping well at home (if that’s the case then you should really check out something like these mattress sizes), here are some places that you may want to check out:

Rest area in the James E. Walker Library (Kali Hammon/ MTSU Sidelines).

Without a doubt, the most popular one on campus is the library. It is very rare to not see someone catching some zzz’s by the windows on the second and third floor. Not only is this area quiet, but you can fall asleep people-watching whatever entertainment is going on in front of the library. Are you someone who prefers napping in a more secluded area? The library has several other great napping spots away from the public eye. On the far end of every floor, past the books, you will find four chairs sitting by the window. You can easily pull two chairs together and almost create your own library bed. Last but not least, the hundreds of desks make great spots for a nap. They may not be the most comfortable places, but they definitely can still serve their purpose.

Trees in Walnut Grove outside of Peck Hall (Kali Hammon/ MTSU Sidelines).

If you’re one of the fortunate ones who has an Eno to bring to campus, you are in luck. There are a variety of places on campus with a few trees that are perfect for hooking up a hammock. The most popular area is near Peck Hall. When it is a nice, breezy day, you should make that one of your first stops, because they fill up fast. But, if you are too late, another popular Eno spot is the area next to the College of Media and Entertainment building. A great perk about this area is whenever students are playing music, you can listen to it as you fall asleep.

Rest Area on the second floor of Student Union (Kali Hammon/ MTSU Sidelines).

The Student Union building is a common place to see people napping. After eating Panda Express, you can take a seat right by the window in one of the many chairs and rest up before your next class. If you prefer to sleep where there are fewer people around, you can always go to the second floor where there is a fairly large sitting area next to the ballrooms. It is much quieter away from the excitement on the first floor.

The Courtyard of the Business and Aerospace Building (Kali Hammon/MTSU Sidelines)

Sometimes you just want to take a nap and you don’t care who sees. On those days, feel free to check out the Business and Aerospace Building napping spots. People frequently nap in the chairs located in the North building. It’s a little quieter than the South building, so you are less likely to be woken up. If it is a nice day out and you are not someone who wakes up easily, the BAS courtyard steps is a common place for people to take a snooze!

Rest area in the University Honors Building (Kali Hammon/ MTSU Sidelines).


Last but certainly not least, is the Honors building, which might be the most underrated napping spot on campus. Not only is it silent, but you can fall asleep next to a fireplace that you control, giving you the opportunity to take a nice, warm snooze. You do not have to be an honors student to go take advantage of their library. There is also a vending machine and a coffee maker, so you can fall asleep after eating some snacks or enjoying a warm drink.

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