Syd delivers a promising solo debut with ‘Fin’

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Syd’s 12-track debut album “Fin” is a solid start to a promising solo career. Having gotten her start with rambunctious rap collective Odd Future, Syd established herself in the hip-hop scene at an early age. She also currently fronts the group The Internet and has said that she hopes the band follows in the direction she has gone with her solo album.

“Fin” sports the same sultry, R&B vocals and modern production techniques used by artists like The Weeknd. While this sound is beginning to feel a little dated, Syd’s songwriting and lyrical content make up for it.

The first time I listened to the album, I was honestly unsure of how I felt. Despite the 12-song tracklist, the album only boasts a mere 37 minutes of music. Although several tracks are very short, Syd sings about topics that most young adults can relate to: self-doubt, romance, cheating, handling newfound success, etc.

The album’s beginning caught my attention right away. The opening track “Shake Em Off” begins with industrial percussion that soon gives way to thick synths. Syd’s lyrics reflect the same self-doubt that many of us feel, while simultaneously telling the listener to “shake off” any outside criticism for lifestyle choices. It’s these tracks that deal with real issues where Syd shines through.

On other tracks like “Over,” and “Got Her Own,” Syd truly opens up, thanking her friends and family for supporting her while mourning those bridges she’s burned along the way. These tracks reflect how honest songwriting can effectively communicate an emotion.

However, “Fin” has its fair share of what I like to call “party songs.” Songs about money, getting more money, and girls. While songs like “Body” and “Dollar Bills” are catchy, they are trite and stereotypical trap. Syd has proved that she can write moving and relatable songs, so it’s annoying to hear her return to this overused trope within the genre.

All in all, “Fin” is a very promising debut from a very promising artist. Although Syd has said that she will continue to make music with The Internet, we should all keep an eye on this still-growing artist.

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