‘The Lego Batman Movie’ is far less remarkable than trailers suggest

Photo courtesy of The Lego Batman Movie official website

Story by Tim Jenkins / Contributing Writer

Despite promising trailers showing a much lighter take on “The Dark Knight,” “The Lego Batman Movie” ultimately delivers a funny, albeit forgettable film.

The movie opens with a scene introducing the Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, and detailing his plot to take over Gotham City with the help of every villain ever featured in a Batman comic book. As the city panics, Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, jumps in to save the day in a fight scene that seems like it could have been a part of the YouTube series “How It Should Have Ended.” Following a bout of dialogue between Batman and the Joker that sounds comparable to lines from a romantic comedy (I’m not joking), Batman saves the day just in time to return to the Batcave to eat dinner and watch movies by himself. Seriously.

This scene is one of the only unforgettable things about this movie. When not making jokes — usually made by Batman or about something Batman does — the film takes itself too seriously with a plot focused on how Batman needs to stop being alone and find a family. At the same time, the Joker’s plot is based on Batman not acknowledging their “relationship.”

Despite not living up to expectations, the film did have a few good aspects. Longtime fans of “The Dark Knight” will enjoy the numerous references to Batman’s history, and though much of the humor is cringe-worthy, there are many genuinely funny jokes.

If you have children, they’ll probably enjoy this film, but you may have to avoid the Lego aisle at the store for a while. If you don’t have kids, you may still enjoy it, but I wouldn’t recommend paying movie ticket prices for this one.

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