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Future released his highly anticipated album “Future” on February 17th, 2017. The rapper made the big announcement and stirred up a lot of speculation after deleting every picture from his Instagram page and sharing one cryptic post:

“Find time to forgive me for any hurt or heartbreak I may have caused loving selfishly! I’m not perfect, no man walking this earth is. I’m at a place in life where I wanna make my weaknesses my strengths to become a better person than I was yesterday. –Future”

Perhaps it was a bit of self-promotion as this album focuses on Future’s past experiences and how it shaped him into the person that he is now. “When I Was Broke” and “Feds Did a Sweep” are two good examples from the album that really describe the struggles and lows Future went through in light of all his success.

“Mask Off” is probably the best song on the album. Future talks about the past obstacles of living life as a trapper to living the life of luxury. “Draco” is another talked-about track on Future’s new album. This playful tune references a particular gun with which rapper Soulja Boy has been shown making threats all over the internet.

However, Future’s biggest surprise was that within the second week of the release, he hit his fans with another album called “HNDRXX.” Future announced the album during a Q&A on his Twitter page, encouraging his fans to pre-order “HNDRXX.” As always, he received positive reviews from most of his critics, however there are a few people that would say that Future is starting to sound more mainstream than original.

For the most part, mainstream means releasing popular music that masses of people want; an artist’s brand and overall originality may come into question when they start releasing music for public approval and money.

“Coming Out Strong” featuring The Weeknd definitely falls in the top 3 for this album. This song is for all the people who have been able to flourish to success in spite of haters and obstacles in their path. “Keep Quiet” is also one of Future’s best songs on “HNDRXX.” This is one of those songs that’s fun and catchy; you’ll hear this one in many clubs and radio stations here in the upcoming weeks.

All in all, Future did a good job with these albums. Some say he should have waited to release “HNDRXX” and spent more time perfecting it, but the “Future” album really hit home for a lot of Future fans.

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