Men and Feminism Workshop hosted at MTSU

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Professional poet, Anthony McPherson, hosted the Men and Feminism Workshop on Monday to discuss men’s role in feminism, modern chivalry and the dismantling of rape culture.

In an interview with Sidelines, McPherson explained that he wanted to aim the workshop at men due to their patriarchal powers. Because of this, he feels that men tend to listen more towards feministic views when it’s another man talking about them.

“The majority of the world is women, and they are still oppressed by almost a stone-age way of thinking. We live in the age where we have the forklift so the person who has the most muscles doesn’t have to rule, so we need to adapt our souls,” McPherson said.

During the workshop, McPherson heavily involved the audience in certain scenarios and activities involving debate on conservative views and counter arguments.

“The main thing I try to do is have these debates with men, especially when there are no women in the room to defend (feminism). Otherwise, a lot of things that are said just become normal and sort of just manifest inside them,” McPherson said.

McPherson asked questions to the audience to invoke thought and listen to the crowd’s opinion. Questions like: What are your thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics, “Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks?”

During the workshop, McPherson stated what he feels is men’s role in feminism.

“What I believe men’s role in feminism is essentially picking up some of the slack on debating and arguing with other men so that women don’t have to as much,” McPherson said.

This is the third time McPherson is doing this workshop, but this is his first time hosting it at MTSU.

At the end of the workshop, McPherson gave some friendly advice to the men in the crowd and how they can get more involved in feminism.

“No one person, no woman, is to be the master of all feminism. All we can do is just listen. Words change when you write it. So, just listen and react in the best way possible,” McPherson said.

For more information on McPherson’s workshop and his work as a poet, you can contact him on his Facebook artist page.

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