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Drug bust, criminal trespassing at Campus Crossings Apartments

Murfreesboro Police arrested 19-year-old Brandon Summers at Campus Crossings Apartments on Friday while assisting apartment management in a drug-related investigation.

The door to apartment C-204 was cracked open when police and management arrived on the scene, according to the report. When they knocked on the door, it opened, and the reporting officer shouted to see if anybody was present. Summers, not a resident, appeared from a bedroom in the apartment.

After detecting a strong scent of marijuana and seeing a small blunt on a living room table, the officer asked Summers if he had anything illegal in the apartment. Summers said he had a grinder, a digital scale and a small amount of marijuana in a bedroom. He gave the responding officer consent to search the apartment and relinquished the drug and paraphernalia.

Summers was charged with drug possession, possession of paraphernalia and criminal trespassing. He was previously trespassed from the apartment complex on April 20 of this year.

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