MTSU alumna, former SGA President describes her experience in London during London Bridge attack

Photo courtesy of Madison Tracy / Facebook

It’s been nearly a month since the attack in London, but MTSU alumna and former Student Government Association President Madison Tracy hasn’t forgotten the experience of seeing a lively city lose its hustle in the mourning of those lost to the London Bridge attack.

On June 3, eight people were killed in Central London after three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on the famed London Bridge. After crashing the van, the attackers set off on foot, stabbing pedestrians in Borough Market. Within eight minutes, however, authorities arrived on scene and fatally shot the attackers. The attackers were wearing fake bomb vests. Even though it was a terrorist attack, those involved had to seek legal help themselves, and try to re-build their physical and psychological well-being.

Tracy had been traveling across Europe with three other MTSU alumni when the London attack occurred. Accompanying her was Micah Hull, Abbi Tabor and former SGA Executive Vice President Connor McDonald. Together, the four explored Europe, taking in its wonder and grandiosity. The group had been in London for several days before the night of the attack and were just on the London Bridge days before.

MTSU alumnae Madison Tracy and Micah Hull enjoy traditional tea in London, England. (Facebook)

“We had been on the London Bridge before, and it was really kind of eerie — just how (the attack) happened at a place we had (been) before,” Tracy said.

Tracy described the London experience before the attack, noting the many places she and her friends had visited; from the Globe Theatre to the London Eye, the group of travelers took in all the experiences London had to offer.

Tracy described London as a “vibrant (and) bustling city full of a lot of different types of people and cultures.” The day after the attack, as the group of MTSU alumnae left for Dublin, Ireland, that spirited atmosphere did not remain, instead replaced by a somber feeling.

“Everyone was on edge waiting to hear what (else) had happened,” Tracy said. As they left for the airport in a cab, she could tell their driver was concerned, and the radio was on, the broadcasters attempting to piece together details of the former night’s attack.

“We had kind of anticipated something like this happening, unfortunately,” Tracy said. “We knew the climate at that time in London and Paris was a little bit tense.”

MTSU alumnae Connor McDonald, Abbi Tabor, Madison Tracy and Micah Hull pose in front of a telephone booth in London, England. (Facebook)

Days after the London Bridge attack on June 14, another attack occurred in London at Finsbury Park Mosque, which is being investigated as an act of terrorism. In similar fashion to the attack on the London Bridge, a van ran over pedestrians near the mosque. This attack resulted in the death of one person at the scene and injuries of at least 10 others.

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