Extreme heat wave comes to Middle Tennessee, will last through weekend

Photo Courtesy of the National Weather Service

One of the most grueling heat waves of the summer hit Middle Tennessee Wednesday and will last through the weekend.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Meteorologist Mark Rose, Middle Tennessee residents can expect daily temperature highs in the mid 90’s until Saturday. Heat index values, which are measures of how hot it feels outside when humidity is factored in with the actual temperature, will reach into the 100’s.

With heat index values continuing to rise through the end of the week, Rose recommends that residents take precautions when going outside.

“Plan your activities either before or after the hottest part of the day, when possible,” Rose said. “Stay hydrated. Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight.”

Despite the heat wave being one of the hottest of the summer, the temperatures are neither unprecedented nor record-breaking.

“The heat wave is not unexpected,” Rose said. “Heat waves of this magnitude or even hotter occur here every summer. This won’t be the last heat wave of 2017, and it probably won’t be the worst.”

According to Rose, the heat wave was most likely caused by the lack of cold fronts in recent weeks, allowing heat to build over time.

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