Boro Art Crawl showcases local artistic talent

Photo by Connor Burnard / Assistant Lifestyles Editor

The fourth Boro Art Crawl of 2017 exhibited local artists and their works in downtown Murfreesboro’s Public Square on Friday. The free, open-to-the-public event consisted of dozens of artists showing their work in 23 different venues.

As usual, the Art Crawl displayed art in boutiques, cafes and on sidewalks as crawlers moved around the Public Square, taking time to watch belly dancers in Sugaree’s, a boutique on Maple Street, and listen to live music in Vibe, a nutrition store on Main Street.

Lee Rennick, who handles public relations for the Boro Art Crawl, said that since its beginning two years ago, the crawl has featured more than 150 artists at over 25 locations throughout Murfreesboro.

“The Crawl came out of a meeting almost two years ago where a group of more than 50 people participated, and from that group, a committee of volunteers got it started with representatives from MTSU, local businesses, community organizers, artists and the media,” Rennick said of the Crawl’s inception.

Suzanne LeBeau, a committee member and participating artist in the Boro Art Crawl, said that the status of local art is reflective of a community as a whole.

“We want to see it thrive in Murfreesboro, because if you have a thriving artist community, it also means that your overall economy is thriving, so it’s a really good sign to have good art in your community,” LeBeau said.

The Boro Art Crawl has great benefits for both Murfreesboro residents and local businesses.

“I saw some of my classmates doing it and I wanted to get myself out there and become a part of the community around here,” said Nicole Zelenak, an MTSU junior majoring in painting. “I’ve gotten a lot more attention on social media from it.”

“It brings in customers, it gets people to meet their neighbors,” said art exhibitor Debby Schultz. “We’re all one community, so when we get to know each other, it’s better for everybody.”

Leslie Russell Yost, who handles sponsorship for the Boro Art Crawl, said that the committee has big plans for upcoming crawls.

“We’re coming up on our two-year anniversary, so we’re expecting it to be fabulous,” Yost said.

The Boro Art Crawl takes place on the second Friday of every other month. The next art crawl will take place in downtown Murfreesboro at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 13.

For more information on the Boro Art Crawl, click here.

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