Lucky Ladd Farms’ Sweet Corn Fun Fest makes guests grin from ear to ear

Photo by Krystal Loritts / Contributing Writer 

Corn is a commodity down in the South, so it’s only appropriate that Lucky Ladd Farms of Eagleville, Tennessee, has a summer festival dedicated to it. 

The farm hosted its eighth annual Sweet Corn Fun Festival Saturday, allowing people of all ages to partake in the fest’s various activities and competitions: corn eating, corn shucking and the best sweet corn selfie.

“We saw the event on TV, and I love corn so I was excited about that,” said enthusiast Ricky Beaty. “But my wife (Terrie) loves animals so we had to go to them first.”

The festival’s petting zoo, complete with goats, alpacas, donkeys, cows and other farm animals, was one of many ways those who weren’t competing could enjoy their time on the farm. Attendees had a chance to strike gold by searching for gems, and inflatable water slides, a splash pad and a pool provided an escape from the heat.

The festival lived up to its name with corn decorations scattered all over the farm. There was bound to be something corn-related around every corner. Concessions even sold hot corn by the ear, which everyone in attendance went completely crazy over.

“(I was) literally just playing around on Google (and found out about the fest),” said Tiffany Jablonski. “We love it.”

Lucky Ladd Farms prides itself on providing families the perfect place to have some fun, but the farm’s guests aren’t the only ones enjoying themselves.

“I’ve been (working) here for seven years, and I love it,” said Lucky Ladd employee Shelby Carlton. “It’s really like hanging with family.”

Lucky Ladd’s Sweet Corn Fest is all about family fun, and that was evident in the responses from both guests and employees of the festival.

Lucky Ladd Farms maintains a full schedule of themed activities. To view their schedule of events, click here.

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