‘Beginning with a B.A.N.G.’ provides MTSU freshmen with tips on first-year success

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On Tuesday evening, the MTSU Office of Student Success held “Beginning with a B.A.N.G.,” a Connection Point event hosted by Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success Vincent Windrow. The event offered advice to freshmen about succeeding in their first semester in college.

The presentation’s titular acronym was comprised of to-the-point directive phrases that Windrow explained throughout the event. “B” stood for “Be Determined,” “A” stood for “Attendance is Mandatory,” “N” stood for “No Excuses” and “G” stood for “Get it Done.”

The main message behind the four components that Windrow conveyed to the freshmen was that accountability and willpower are some of the most important tools a student can have.

Many of the attendees of the event participated in the Office of Student Success’ Scholars Academy program and were accustomed to Windrow’s colorful and entertaining form of presenting.

“Attendance is the the biggest indicator of success at MTSU,” Windrow said. “Not your ACT score, not your high school GPA, not where you’re from, not what your mama’s name is. None of that. Rather, it is going to class. Why? Because nothing beats being there.”

On a more serious note, Windrow urged students to be responsible but to take time to reward themselves for their progress over the course of the semester.

“No one has to allow you to have a wonderful first semester,” Windrow said. “You get to determine that. Some things can only be started and completed by you. We’re here to help, but there are some things that no one else can do for you but you.”

“That 16 weeks doesn’t sound long, but it can seem long when you’re going through it,” Windrow said. “So you have to set up little praise breaks along the way. You can’t grind … for the entire 16 weeks.”

According to freshman Carmen Long, who has not yet decided a major, Windrow’s approach to the presentation was helpful in keeping attendees engaged.

“Even though this was more of an informational event, I still found it fun, especially since (Windrow) was funny,” Long said. “(With) informational events like these, (freshmen) can really learn how to pursue whatever they want to become … I think it’s a really good way to help (us) learn and cope with college responsibilities.”

The event helped kick off Windrow’s “Turn It Up Tuesdays,” a lecture series that he hosts on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in room N119 of the Cason-Kennedy Nursing Building. The series offers timely advice throughout the semester about challenges students may be facing.

More information about the Office of Student Success can be found here.

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