Crime: Murfreesboro Police release identity, information regarding man who took his life off of Gunnerson Avenue on Friday

Photo by Eric Goodwin / Assistant News Editor

Murfreesboro Police released the identity of the man who took his life after a confrontation with officers off of Gunnerson Avenue on Friday.

At approximately 9:06 a.m., Christopher Cunningham, 24, was armed and sitting in a black vehicle outside of an apartment when police responded to the scene, according to the report. Officers made their way towards the car with their guns drawn, but were informed by several residents in the area that Cunningham had gone into the nearby apartment.

After the responding officers cleared the vehicle, they set up a perimeter around the apartment and knocked on the front door. The apartment tenant opened the door and stated to police that Cunningham was inside and using the bathroom. Police then began to order Cunningham to exit the bathroom. Cunningham walked out of the bathroom and told the officers to leave. The officers commanded Cunningham to put his hands in the air, but Cunningham walked back into the bathroom. Officers then heard what sounded like a gun shot and called for additional units.

The apartment tenant then explained to the police that her grandson was still in the apartment asleep. After a few minutes, the tenant’s grandson appeared at the front door and stated to police that Cunningham was lying on the floor.

Officers then found Cunningham on the floor of the bathroom with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Emergency Medical Services were notified, and the scene was secured for detectives.

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