Hi-Way 50: Bringing the fear of ‘It’ to life

Video and story by Daniel Scroggins / Contributing Writer

Hi-Way 50 of Lewisburg, Tennessee, one of the oldest and longest operating drive-ins in the state, not only offered showings of “It” but also the chance to step inside the movie screen and be scared. On Friday and Saturday, the small town drive-in hosted a haunted woods for guests to wander before the show began.

“We like having a good turn out, but last week was kind of bad because some people (were) waiting in line for a couple of hours and (we) had to turn them away, and that’s not the product we want to sell to people,” said Steve Wakham, the current owner of Hi-Way 50.

Drive-ins and the film “It” both maintain a certain level of nostalgia, and when Wakham combined the two, locals clinged to Hi-Way 50.

For more information on Hi-Way 50, click here.

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