Review: Fergie marks solo return with ‘Double Dutchess’

Story by Jarron Parker / Contributing Writer

Almost 11 years to the day after her highly successful debut solo album, Fergie released her sophomore effort “Double Dutchess” on Friday. The record incorporates both hip-hop and pop over 13 tracks. With features from rappers Nicki Minaj, YG and Rick Ross, Fergie attempts to recreate the infectious magic of “The Dutchess.”

In the album opener, “Hungry,” which features Rick Ross, Fergie proclaims her longing to prove she can be a musical star on her own. The tracks “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’” and “You Already Know” showcase Fergie warming up her listeners over playfully sampled ’90s beats. Although “You Already Know,” which features Nicki Minaj, shows Fergie’s ability to flow over a beat, it can be argued that Minaj outshines Fergie on her own track.

“Just Like You,” “A Little Work” and “Life Goes On” are three songs that flow into one another, telling a story independent of the rest of the album. On “Just Like You,” Fergie opens up to reveal her own insecurities and demons that the listener can relate to, such as feeling broken in a relationship. “A Little Work” shows Fergie dealing with the wounds from the previous song and coming to terms with being emotionally damaged. It’s the perfect anthem for the feeling, proclaiming “we’re all just a little bit broken.” “Life Goes On” shows Fergie realizing no matter what she’s been through, it doesn’t define her and she continues to live an authentic life regardless of the past.

“M.I.L.F $” is an electrifying song in which the Fergie shows she’s still got it in real life as well as giving listeners a fun club song. In addition, it does fit earlier on the album between “Life Goes On” and the following “Save It ‘Til Morning” in which Fergie reveals her restlessness from fighting with an unidentified antagonist.

“Enchante (Carine),” “Tension” and “L.A. Love (La La)” change the flow of Double Dutchess” again as they feel like songs one could hear playing in a contemporary clothing store.  “L.A. Love (La La)” features California rapper YG, which fits as it’s an anthem for the city of Los Angeles.

The album ends with “Love Is Blind” and “Love Is Pain,” which continue to deal with the previously discussed subject matter of toxic relationships and getting over them.

Overall, “Double Dutchess” provides listeners with fun, exciting new Fergie music similar to her debut while including relatable topics.

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