Taqueria Agaveros: Hard to find but worth the search

Photo by Connor Burnard / Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Sometimes it feels as though the Murfreesboro Latin American food scene lacks in variety. Considering the city has six Camino Real locations, which is the first place everyone thinks of, it’s probably true.

But there are some loyal Taqueria Agaveros holdouts.

Though the persistence of regional chain restaurants provides convenience for fans of Latin American food, they can certainly leave a desire for true authenticity. And as a Nashville native, everyone I know has a favorite hole-in-the-wall spot that they claim has the best burritos.

In an attempt to research the proposition that “the harder a restaurant is to find, the better its food is,” I found Taqueria Agaveros.

I searched the internet for Mexican restaurants that I had not already eaten at eight times this month and saw Taqueria Agaveros, which had a listed address of 817 NW Broad St. Upon arriving, I saw only a lonely gas station and no Mexican restaurant in sight. When I asked the cashier about Taqueria Agaveros, I was told that they were on Memorial Boulevard every week from Thursday to Sunday.

At this point I realized that I was hunting a food truck.

In Nashville, the food truck trend hit so quickly and massively that I began to resent their long, winding lines, outrageous prices and styled-for-Instagram paint jobs. Regardless, I followed the cashier’s directions to a Marathon station on Memorial Boulevard and saw an old food truck painted with a mural of the Mexican countryside.

The Taqueria Agaveros menu is a simple list, which includes tortas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos and shrimp and steak dishes. Steak, chicken, barbacoa, pastor and carnitas are the basic protein choices, as well as lengua (cow tongue) and tripa (cow stomach lining) for an extra 25 cents.

I opted for a personal favorite of mine: carnitas torta.

A torta is a large sandwich served on a warm roll with mayonnaise, tomato, spices and lettuce, and some versions include cabbage and peppers. This torta cost $5, so it was simple: a fresh roll, mayonnaise, lettuce, a side of hot sauce and carnitas.

The bread was delicious and the condiments were fresh, but when I ate the sandwich, the only thing I cared about was the carnitas. I could have eaten a plate of just the carnitas and been happy. The freshly fried pork melted like butter in my mouth and maintained the perfect balance of slightly crispy but not too crunchy. Paired with the hot, fresh sandwich bread and adequately spicy side of hot sauce, Taqueria Agaveros provided me with the tastiest lunch I’ve had in months.

The ambience and dining environment of Taqueria Agaveros is unique in that it is a gas station parking lot. For this Table Talk, the word “table” is used loosely because I ate from the hood of my car. However, this concept of hyper-casual dining is part of why food trucks are so popular, and I was far too focused on my food to care.

On a star rating system, I am extremely tempted to give Taqueria Agaveros a full five stars. However, five stars is a serious statement and having only tried one of their dishes, I feel I should try more of the menu before I can confidently say it gets five stars.

For now, Taqueria Agaveros gets four out of five stars, but there’s no doubt I’ve found a new spot to frequent for lunch.

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