Review: Cody Simpson & The Tide drop fun debut ‘Wave One’

Story by Hadley Schelton / Contributing Writer

After walking away from his record deal with Atlantic Records in 2014, Cody Simpson was thought to have gone off-radar.  However, he surprised everyone in 2015 when he released his first album as an independent artist.  He titled it “Free” in honor of finally being able to create the music he was passionate about.  Since then, he has been in collaboration with artists such as Adrian Cota and Reef Boii.  On September 29, they released their first EP as Cody Simpson & The Tide, titled “Wave One,” implying that there will be sequels.

The EP features four new songs that relate to water, love and life.  Every song has a sort of “wave” to it.  It offers a wide variety of rock ’n’ roll and Hawaiian vibes that make the listener want to dance and sing.

It begins with “Ramona,” a tribute to a girl he wants to meet on the West Coast.  The traditional blues feel makes it stand out and is capable of hooking people when they first hear it.  It progresses into a beach jam to make it feel as if the sun is setting.  “Ramona” is a good start to the album.

Next is “Waiting For the Tide,” a powerful and fun song. Its upbeat nature makes it sound inspiring.  The repetition of the word “tide” relates to the title of the song and band.  It’s clear that he views his emotions as subtle waves.

Third on the EP, as a sort of transitional tune, is “Sun Go Down.”  It completely rocks out and pays homage to Green Day with an indie vibe  The scenery he is trying to paint is made more real by the cheerful tones.

To conclude the EP, they slow it down with “Tell Me Why,” possibly about his split with Atlantic. He parted with his record label due to feeling like it was not the direction he wanted to go.  However, before he left he most likely felt trapped.  In the lyric “Tell me why you ain’t living but you do not die,” one can hear his cry for help. When he walked away from his solo career, he started a new life; one where he didn’t have to hide.

In summary, the EP offers a melodic adventure that is extremely fun.

The music is now streaming on Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes.

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