The best of Murfreesboro gather at art crawl

Photo and story by Altima Sisavad / Contributing Writer

The Murfreesboro square hosted yet another Boro Art Crawl, an event that showcases local paintings, crafts, music, dance and more, Friday night.

A tribal belly-dancing and drumming group called Bohemian Sisters rallied a full crowd. The performers were dressed in colorful apparel and danced to a beat provided by their drummers.

“It’s really so much fun,” said Bohemian Sisters’ Artistic Director Patricia Tenpenny. “You get a good workout, and you get to meet new friends; it can’t get any better.”

Tenpenny went on to explain what makes the Boro Art Crawl a special place to perform.

“There aren’t a lot of places where I can belly dance outside, and I really appreciate this event for letting me do so.”

Local artists like Bohemian Sisters use the art crawl as advertisement for their craft. But it’s local storefronts and businesses that keep the crawl going by allowing artists to sell their work inside.

Staci Higdon, owner of Sugaree’s on South Maple Street, a boutique that sells clothing, shoes and accessories, stays excited to participate in the art crawl.

“We always take the opportunity to help other local businesses and artists,” Higdon said.

Higdon also took the opportunity to showcase her own merchandise.

“Tonight we are going to use live models instead of mannequins to show off our clothes,” Higdon said. “It’s a fun opportunity for the models to show off their skills.”  

Local artist and Secretary of the Boro Art Crawl Committee Suzanne LeBeau made use of Sugaree’s by selling her hand-painted pictures inside. LeBeau’s paintings, which focus on abstract and realism, are far from ordinary.

“I don’t use any paintbrushes to paint, I use the tips of knives and credit cards to paint,” LeBeau said.

Many Murfreesboro citizens walked the square while enjoying the Boro Art Crawl. Kayla Vongphakdy and Sunshine Scott were two of many in the crowd.

“There are so many cool artists here, and it’s neat to hear their stories,” Scott said. “I really like the music as well, because people forget that music is art as well.”

The Boro Art Crawl’s mission is to unite local artists with local businesses in order to represent the best of Murfreesboro, and they’re doing just that.

The next Boro Art Crawl is scheduled for Dec. 8.  

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