Photos: MTSU TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show recap

Story by Katrina Johnson / Contributing Writer and Sydney Wagner / Contributing Writer

Photos by Aiyana Smith / Contributing Photographer 

From art styles like Rococo, Impressionism and Pop Art, the annual MTSU TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show, “Starry Night: An Evening of Art and Glamour,” did not disappoint. Saturday from 3-5 p.m., juniors and seniors enrolled in Fashion Promotion, Clothing I and Clothing II classes had the chance to showcase their semester-long dedication to the show in their garments and collections. 

Throughout the show, prints and bold patterns were apparent. Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” appeared on skirts and dresses and a black-and-white cow-printed dress was accompanied by black sheer fabric, rainbows, flowers, brightly colored fish and more. The detail in the designs were impressive, to say the least, and such depth was accomplished by the designers mixing of deep black leather with light and dark-washed denims, color-blocked pieces, graffiti-like tops and outfits and even tie-dye.

The elements and principles of design were executed well in many of the pieces in the show. It was evident that the designers put everything they had into the designs, but one senior’s designs specifically stood out to the judges.

MTSU senior and TXMD Spring 2018 fashion show winner, Anna Oleis, showcased a collection that embodied freedom and gave earthy, boho chic vibes. The garments consisted of no shoes, but instead crocheted foot jewelry that resembled beach sandals with no bottom or sole. It was a very different component Oleis provided that others did not supply. The clothing consisted of a tan or cream base splashed with bright tie-dye patterns, while each models’ hair proved great detail with white flowers tacked to braids. It was a refreshing collection and executed everything that the fashion industry embodies.

“It feels really nice because I did put a lot of work and effort into this collection,” Oleis said. “I was worried because it’s tie-dye. That’s really loud and I don’t know if that’s for everyone, so I’m glad that it was appreciated.”

“Project Runway” runner-up and MTSU alumna Ayana Ife said, “Our winner Anna (Oleis), she did a really exceptional job. I mean, her runway presence was great, fit was good … a lot of time, pressing is overlooked in upcoming designers, so pressing was really good. Her color choices were good, everything was really well put together, very cohesive.”

After the show, models Shelby Wilson and Sydney Gleaves reflected on their favorite looks. For Wilson, it was the double-denim look she modeled for the Pop Art category. The edgy look consisted of distressed light-wash jeans and an oversized denim jacket with a drawing of a black-bobbed, red lipstick-wearing woman’s face. Gleaves’ personal favorite was a sparkly two-piece look made up of a cropped V-neck halter top and a matching mini skirt.

“We’ve done this show for two years … it’s always great to come back,” Wilson said.

Mandy Castalde, one of the show’s head coordinators, appeared calm and collected as she chatted after the show. Castalde’s role included keeping track of hair and makeup looks, confirming that all categories and model line-ups were correct and making sure that the show’s few rehearsals ran smoothly.

“It’s just been planning, planning, planning,” Castalde said of the process. “My favorite moment was when it was three o’clock and it (the show) was ready to go.”

As the seats began to empty and garment bags were carried out of the building, Ife’s advice for students wanting to follow in her footsteps was simple, “If it’s your passion, then fight for it and keep pushing forward.”

See a full gallery from the fashion show below.

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