Waxface Records provides music, networking at 70s themed party

Photos by Krystal Loritts / Contributing writer

MTSU students grooved to live music at Waxface Records’ 70s-themed party on Saturday. The record shop hosted a live show with two bands, Daylight Sinners and Garden of Eden. Both groups played original music that gave off a 70s vibe. The loud bass, suggestive lyrics and long hair helped complete the vibe.

Both of the bands are under the company that  Danita Reddick, an MTSU music business major, created and runs. It’s a networking company called Nita in Nashville. The  company offers anyone in the music business the opportunity to mingle, network and hopefully work together in the future. Since both of the groups were going to perform at Waxface, Reddick decided to turn the live show into a party. Not only a show with great music, but also an opportunity to network and add to their portfolio. 

The audience enjoys Daylight Sinner’s performance on March 24, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Krystal Loritts / MTSU Sidelines)

“Daylight Sinners really started this by asking me to come, and then I was like, ‘Well, why not invite people from MTSU and get photographs here?” Reddick said.

The owner of Waxface Records, Reid Conner, is a MTSU alum. He started hosting live shows every month, this month being the second, to not only showcase music that is local but to also help showcase the records and shirts he sells at the store.

“They have been pretty successful so far,” Conner said. Both shows have brought in excited audiences and customers.

Even though there isn’t a band booked for next month, Conner is confident he’ll find one and the live shows will continue to bring more people.

Audience members also got the chance to try a unique treat: Reboocha Kombucha. It’s a company that’s owned by MTSU nutrition students Spring Garner and Hailey Conner. Garner has known Danita Reddick since freshman year, and after stumbling across the party advertisements on Instagram, the Reboocha owners saw an opportunity to get some brand recognition.

Spring Garner prepares more Reboocha Kombucha for audience members to try on March 24, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Krystal Loritts / MTSU Sidelines)

“I saw her posting about (it) on Instagram so I contacted her to see if we could come,” Garner said.

The pair came up with their business idea after seeing kombucha sales  rising in the stores.

“(Kombucha) is really expensive at stores. So, we were like, ‘OK, maybe we make it ourselves and sell it to consumers,’” Garner  said. Conner added, “I feel like home-making it locally, you can get a lot more benefits of the probiotics.”

They were pretty busy the whole night refilling cups and chatting with curious customers about the brand and its flavors. However, they still had a great time dancing and grooving to the music. 

“I’m actually friends with the kombucha girls, and they came to advertise their stuff so I decided to come and check it out,” said Kayla Honea, a MTSU music business major. “I like to hear the live music, and there are a lot of people here so it’s a great time.”

Honea said she would love to come back to another live show at Waxface. 

“It’s a great environment, and also there are so many MTSU business students, so it’s great for networking,” said Honea.

Overall the event was lively and a great place to network while listening to some great music.

Make sure to check out Waxface Records on Instagram and Facebook for news about other live shows in the future. If you’re looking to start your own brand in the entertainment industry, check out Reddick’s website for contacts and information about new opportunities.


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