MTSU holds 20th annual Tunnel of Love, raises awareness for safe sex

Photo and story by Davida Johnson / Contributing Writer

MTSU held its 20th annual Tunnel of Love event to spread awareness for sexually-transmitted diseases and infections on Wednesday, Sept. 19 in the ballroom of the Student Union Building.

MTSU’s students and faculty were able to tour the room and view the effects of unprotected sex. The walls were covered with various facts about how people can protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

“This event is intended to educate students about sexually transmitted infections and how they can protect themselves based on whatever choices they are making personally,” said Casie Higginbotham, a lecturer in MTSU’s health department. We have a lot of community organizations here who can answer questions and provide resources, so everyone is able to get the information they need.”

The Tunnel of Love displayed facts on the proper use of condoms and how they are helpful. It also helped students recognize the difference between myths and facts related to safe sex.

This event also provided free HIV testing down the hall from the Tunnel of Love for students and faculty. The testing was sponsored by My House, which is a health and wellness organization for gay and bisexual men. My House provided a relaxation spot with free Wi-Fi and activities for event goers.

“We have a lot of different services, but we do HIV testing and have a lot of different events,” said Byron Bankhead, a member of My House. “Today we are assisting with the Tunnel of Love event so they can show and inform (students and faculty) on the effects of unprotected sex and let them know the importance of testing, and ideally they’ll come down here to us for their HIV test.”

For more information on My House, you can visit their website here.

MTSU holds their Tunnel of Love event every year in September. So, be sure to keep a look out for the next one in 2019.

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1 Comment

  1. Brian Tate
    October 5, 2018

    I am always on board for these types of things on campus. The funny thing about sexual awareness is that, in my experience, most of us learn about sex from things outside of school and our homes. Before we even have sex we “know how it works”. At the same time, we find these types of conversations difficult to have for a number of reasons. Ladies don’t want to seem promiscuous and guys don’t want to seem inexperienced. This leads to fabrications because the true information may be embarrassing. Society is a bit more progressive in comparison to the past and this environment contributes to being open with communication about the welfare of our society. More voices and stances on matters are being heard. More people are being represented, so they don’t have to feel awkward or ashamed to discuss safe sex practices. College is when most young adults get a taste of freedom from their parents and that isn’t always a good thing. The scary about sexual awareness is the STI’s you can contract and not show any symptoms. Although it may not be the most plausible method, abstinence is the best way to avoid a disease. The next best thing is using contraceptives. They may not be 100 percent but its way better than taking a chance with your life.

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