MTSU Police respond to reported rape of student at campus residence hall

MTSU Police responded to a report of a rape at a campus residence hall on Saturday.

The victim, an MTSU student, reported to police that they were forcibly raped on the night of Friday, Aug. 31 by a male suspect who was staying the night in the victim’s room in one of the campus residence halls.

According to an incident report by the MTSU Police Department, the victim stated that the last time they had contact with the suspect was Friday, Sept. 7 by telephone where he had threatened the victim over the phone.

The MTSU Police Department’s Victim Coordinator, Amy Dean, was contacted and responded to meet the victim in person. The victim was evaluated by the Rutherford County Ambulance Service and transported to Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital for further evaluation. The victim was provided a Title IX card and a Sexual Violence Victim Information Form by Dean, who accompanied the victim to the hospital.

MTSU provides resources for students affected by sexual violence that can be viewed here.

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    Delaney Johnson
    September 13, 2018

    It is very unfortunate to hear about a rape on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus in a residential hall. Even more so, it’s sad to learn that the victim trusted the suspect enough to let him stay with them. Three out of four rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, according to

    I am interested to know the difference it will make in the case being that the suspect is not a MTSU student. I am not aware of the rules MTSU has against non-students staying overnight with residents on campus. However, my best guess is that it is not permitted and, in that case, I’m wondering if there was any way this situation could have been halted if a resident’s assistant had caught the suspect as they walked in the building. This comment is not to put blame on any individual, as this situation is no-one’s fault besides the suspected assaulter, if we indeed find out this claim is true.

    Lastly, I am curious what-if any- actions MTSU will take in this case. Will residential hall rules be stricter, and will there be more security watching as residents bring guests to the buildings? The suspect could have harmed others in the building and that is scary to think of. I’m sure not every guest that visits have bad intentions, however, I hope this type of situation doesn’t occur again and any change that could help should be looked at.

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