Movie Moments: when and why they make an impact

Photo Courtesy of FilmDistrict Story by Andrew Wigdor / Assistant News Editor A flourish of music. Dynamic framing. Intense lighting. Slow motion. These are all elements of an emotionally charged, exciting movie moment. Many directors attempt to...

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Op-Ed: What makes superhero films so superior?

On Valentine’s Day Weekend, a superhero broke the box office. A vulgar, one-liner swinging, fourth wall breaking, unicorn petting superhero broke it: Deadpool had the highest grossing first weekend of any R-rated movie in the U.S. How is it...

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Op-Ed: The Swipe Left Generation

Let’s face it: our generation is obsessed with the concept of “instant gratification.” Cellphones have become like another limb attached to our bodies. Full seasons of television shows are now immediately available instead of waiting an entire...

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