Get creative this Halloween with DIY costumes

By Claire Osburn
A&E Editor

Let’s face it, no one wants to show up at a party this Halloween weekend with the same $50 costume as everyone else.

Instead of risking a fashion faux pas, hit up your nearest vintage or craft store to make your own. While in the past do-it-yourself projects may have been reserved for the creatively inclined, a small budget and endless inspiration have changed that.

If you don’t have any thrift stores nearby, you could even create your own outfit at home with the help of Cricut! You could create your own Halloween designs on photoshop, or at least software alike, print it, and use a Cricut head press to stick the image onto any item of clothing, creating a totally unique and hassle-free costume. This is a great idea if you want to be some sort of prisoner and would like an inmate number on a shirt or something. Of course, check out cricut heat press reviews before purchasing but once you have the Cricut, the possibilities are endless.

You can gather supplies from items lying around the house, vintage or secondhand shops or craft stores. Don’t make a bulky costume that is hard to dance in or that involves a lot of props. Do make a costume with originality and notoriety. Here are Sidelines’ favorites.

“Breaking Bad” cooks up inspiration

With the ending of “Breaking Bad,” Walter Whites and Jesse Pinkmans are sure to be out and about. Instead, go as drug kingpin/chicken entrepreneur Gus Fring. Put in the extra effort to be Fring minus half a face. Be sure to carry around blue pop rocks for Heisenberg’s signature product.

“Dexter” could be bloody awesome

“Dexter” can be brought back to life by pairing a dark long sleeved shirt and cargo pants with a rubber apron and a fake knife. Find yourself in a couple this year? A plastic wrap dress covered in fake blood would make a great addition to our favorite serial killer.

“Walking Dead” means killer costumes

Become “The Walking Dead’s” resident badass Daryl Dixon with a fake crossbow, a sleeveless vest decked out with angel wings and a pair of combat boots.

Choose your poison: slutty pumpkin or witch

Be inspired by “How I Met Your Mother’s” “slutty pumpkin,” which, isn’t all that slutty. Add black triangle-shaped eyes, nose and mouth to an orange dress, make a head wreath out of fake green leaves and voila. Or go fabulous witch with “Hocus Pocus” inspired colored velvet, a wooden broom, heavy black eyeliner and dark lipstick.

Couple costumes: double the fun

If you’re Halloweening with your significant other this year, go as Adam and Eve with nude fabric and fake leaves.

Or choose the indie twosome route as Margot and Richie Tenenbaum. Guys, all you need are BluBlockers, a ‘70’s style headband and a beard. Ladies, just use a faux fur coat and straight bob with bobby-pinned bangs.

“Moonrise Kingdom” also has cute, couple costume potential as well. Fellas, all you need is a khaki button up and shorts, a yellow scarf, fake glasses and a coonskin hat. Ladies, a mod mini dress, knee socks and binoculars will do.

For a simpler costume, a Jack Daniels t-shirt and a Coke t-shirt is a guaranteed party favorite on any pair.

However you’re rolling this Halloween, scour the Internet, gather supplies and make this year’s costume the best yet.

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