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Beck triumphantly returns with ‘Morning Phase’ | Album Review


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By Patty Greer // Staff Writer

Beck is best known for his ’94 hit ‘Loser,” but since then he’s pushed all musical boundaries. Including influences of pop, rock, blues, soul and basically every other genre imaginable.

“Morning Phase” is the first album by Beck time in nearly six years and is considered to be a sequel to his 2002 album “Sea Change.” “Sea Change” is a bleak, upsetting album written after Beck and his fiancée of nine years split up. Although written in a place of dismay, “Sea Change” was considered one of the best albums of the decade.

To begin with “Morning Phase,” this is one of those instances where the sequel is better than the predecessor. Both albums are melancholic but in different ways, “Sea Change” has more direct hopelessness that it is to be expected with a break-up album. However, on Morning Phase Beck’s come to a more mature state of mourning. He has more of intelligent emotions rather than a blind ones grasping for someone who’s left.  In the end you’re left with the sunnier outlook, that though sometimes it still hurts, you’re still alright.

Besides all the inescapable feels felt while listening to this album’s lyrics, the production is spotless. Although mostly acoustic, it still hits hard with the steady drum progression throughout most songs. The vocals are echoing and haunting, and each melody is beautifully crafted.

“Morning Phase” should be listened too as an entirety, as each track dreamily swoons into the next. If you were to pull out certain tracks, standouts include: “Say Goodbye,” “Blackbird Chain” and “Turn Away.” With this release, Beck has re-solidified himself as a prominent musician and ”Mourning Phase” will be marked as a highlight in his career.

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