“Walker Dead” Invade Library for Week of Welcome

Walker Library will throw a zombie party for all students at the library’s first Week of Welcome event Monday, Sept. 1, according to Kristen Keene, library specialist.

This will be the first semester MTSU has had a Week of Welcome event on Labor Day weekend, but Keene said the university is trying to reach more students this year.

Because the library received more funding this year, the university was able to allow the library to have their first welcome party. The point of Week of Welcome, according to Keene, is to mix and mingle, meet friends and get to know people.

Keene and her staff will decorate the 250-thousand-square-feet in a “zombie-esque” feel. Along with decorations throughout the halls and bookcases, staff will wear tattered shirts to identify them as library workers.

Students are also encouraged to celebrate Halloween a few months early by dressing in costumes of their own. The idea of a zombie-themed event came from the dean of the library, Bonnie Allen, because of the popularity of zombies among college students, Keene said. She coined the title by combining Night of the Living Dead movie and The Walking Dead series and decided on the “Night of the Walker Dead” title.

Activities will include photo booths, cornhole, bowling in the stacks and digging for brains.

The purpose behind “Walker Dead,” Keene said, is to help students learn the layout of the library early in the semester, while also meeting other students and library staff members in a new setting.

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