Walker Library Welcomes Undead for Week of Welcome


By Blake Jennings

The James Walker Library delivered an undead welcome to swarms of freshman this past weekend.

The typically prestigious building was overrun with zombified librarians, student zombie-hunters and hundreds of unsuspecting victims from 6-9 pm this past Labor Day.

Called “Night of the Walker Dead”, the event served as a fun, bloody welcome, featuring a wide variety of undead-themed food and games.

Included in this celebration of the undead were activities such as digging for brains, photo-booths with amputated body parts and zombie corn hole tossing.

“Zombies are fun,” said Bonnie Allen, library dean. “We figured they were still popular, so we thought it would be something students would enjoy…So many kids just like being grossed out. It’s why they go to horror movies.”

When asked why they liked zombies, students Justin Coustineau and Tyler Unger said they liked the idea of a large body of people aiming toward one single goal. Unger went on to describe this phenomenon as “the swarm mentality.”

Library worker Jason Vance however disagrees with Coustineau and Unger.

“Zombies ate my parents,” he said. “Ever since I’ve never really cared for them much.”

Those who survived the zombie apocalypse received a wide variety of prizes, one of the more memorable of them being a grey, brain-shaped, stress ball reading “Avoid Zombie Brain.”

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