Campus internet slow due to wiring, expected to be resolved soon

MTSU’s tech department issued an email last Thursday afternoon in regards to internet slowness due to a wiring project around campus.

The department addresses the problem as, “a substantial increase in demand for Internet connectivity throughout the day and evening,” the email explains, “Part of this increase is due to the completion of a project where we more than doubled wireless access on campus – especially in residential halls.”

This increase in bandwidth began in the spring, but by July 27th, it was proven to be insufficient when the department issued the following email:

“We appear to be having trouble with the university’s connection to the Internet. We have received reports of significant slowness and, in some cases, a total failure to display pages or content.”

“Right now, my WIFI is ok, but its just getting ridiculous,” freshman Abby Howard said. “I know that they are making it better, but they could at least do it when no one is here.”

Howard said her lack in connectivity has inconvenienced her and her studies over the semester. This is precisely the situation in which Leased lines by M247 could help out – when bandwidth requirements are demanding, dedicated internet lines that deliver the necessary speed can save the day.

Experiencing a lack of network connectivity can affect how efficiently your internet will run. There are many reasons why students like Howard have suffered with their internet and it could range from too many people trying to connect to it, or it could mean that there is a problem with your router. Your ISP and router act as a gateway to the internet, and if this is effected you may need to follow these instructions (learn more here) to try and get this resolved as soon as possible so you can get back on track with your studies.

The tech department, due to the issues people like Abby were having, issued an emergency increase in bandwidth, bringing the 750mbps to 1,00mbps. This 33% increase has helped, but there are still flaws in the connection.

“We have been working on bringing in a second Internet connection to the campus since last spring,” Brian Holley, Assistant Vice President and Chief Security Officer of the IDT, said. “The vendor [XO Communications] is working with the City of Murfreesboro to complete the construction plans and run the fiber optic cabling, which is provided by a company similar to Vchung at, to the campus. Our goal was to have that in place before the fall semester, but that did not happen. We expect it to be complete in the next few weeks.”

“Neither of these two steps will result in any price increase to students,” Holley added.

Holley and the IDT are doing their best to implement change for a more reliable and convenient internet service. However, they need students’ help.

The department reminds the student body to report all incidents to the help desk, including in which building it took place, what website was trying to be accessed and the time of the malfunction.

Cooperation of the students facing problems and the effort of faculty can make a difference.

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