McPhee announces new solution to ACA regulations

Departments at MTSU will work hard to closely monitor hours of students working multiple jobs at the university in order to comply with new laws in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, University President Sidney McPhee said.

Recently, McPhee announced that students would no longer be able to work more than one campus job in order to save the university money. Once an employee is full time, according to ACA standards, the employer must offer full benefits, which includes health insurance.

This change would have cost the university up to $6 million a year, McPhee said in a press release.

Under the initial decision made by the university, graduate students would not be able to work as adjuncts. Likewise, adjuncts wouldn’t be able to serve as hourly workers on campus.

After hearing feedback on the issue, McPhee said in an email to faculty on Friday afternoon that university divisions will work to monitor student hours closely to make sure they do not violate ACA regulations.

He said university heads would be given specific instructions on how to monitor and report hours worked by students who serve in different capacities on campus.

“We must meet our responsibilities under federal law,” McPhee said in the email. “But we must also be aware of the budgetary ramifications associated with the decisions we make.”

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