Local Elementary Students Recreate Famous Works of Art

By Savanna Hazlewood // Staff Writer

Local elementary students recreated famous works of art to be displayed in Murfreesboro’s Center for the Arts starting Feb. 26.

The exhibit features large collages put together by students that recreate famous works of art when pieced together. The gallery includes renditions of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Katsushika Hokusai’s Under the Wave off Kanagawa.

Melany Proctor’s fifth grade class at Barfield Elementary School participated in the project, creating the collage replication of The Scream. Students not only worked together to complete the piece, they also took the opportunity to discuss the painting’s history.

They really enjoyed working together to make their pieces fit together,” Proctor said. “They were really interested to find out that it had been stolen at one time. We watched an interview with the guard that helped recover it.”

In association with this exhibit, the CFTA will also offer workshops for children on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. throughout the month of March. During these workshops participants will be able to learn about famous artists and  create their own works of art using their methods. These events are geared towards both preschool-aged children and older children, although parents are encouraged to assist as needed.

The “Famous Works of Art by Elementary Artists” exhibit will be open in CFTA’s gallery through Sunday, April 5.

For a full list of upcoming events and galleries at the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts, click here.

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  1. Avatar
    March 7, 2015

    The recreation of famous works of art by elementary school students is a great idea. This will give young students the opportunity to express themselves through art. This is a good way to teach young children how to work together to achieve their goals. Team work is a very important skill to have for work, school, or anything involving more than one person. It seems like a small project, but I think it will reap many benefits for the children and parents. Not only do the children learn how to work together, they get the opportunity to spend time with their families bonding outside the home. The children will be able to make friends while working together and learning about art history. I see this as an opportunity because I went to elementary school in another country. We were not given any opportunity to express ourselves through art and grow our minds from a young age. I love Arts though I do not know how to paint or sculpt. I have tried learning how to paint, but it did not work out. Maybe if I was given an opportunity like this at an early stage, I may have been able to learn how to paint. I will be sure to visit the center before the exhibit closes.

  2. Avatar
    April 28, 2015

    I love this project of elementary students recreating famous works of art! I think young kids need art in their lives. It provides creativity and the freedom to think out of the box, relax, and just have fun. I like the fact that they had the students work together. It will teach them how to communicate and work as a team to accomplish something great. This lesson would be beneficial as they grow older. Today, kids are consumed with technology that art has kind of taken a back burner. Technology has made face to face communication weaker. This project was a great way to teach the children how to put technology aside, think creatively, and communicate with others. I completely agree with the workshops that they will be hosting. In my opinion, young kids need to learn more about art and music. It gives them a chance to look at life a different way and think in different perspectives. School systems in my opinion seem to be cutting back on the art and music programs. I think art is important. Art and music is something that never gets old and will always be around. If kids learn to appreciate art now then maybe in the future art and music will become strong components in the school systems again. I am very excited to see the outcomes of these workshops and I hope students keep doing projects like the one in this article.

  3. Avatar
    September 13, 2015

    The arts are so important to form a well-balanced intellect, because the arts provide opportunity for creativity, problem solving and other vital skills to be exercised. This creates a basis for a child be become well-rounded, rather than focusing on what the state’s education system sees as important. Today’s education system is focused on promoting mathematics, English and science in order to compete on a global level. Art and music programs are suffering and are even being removed from some school systems in order to save money. Brilliant teachers of the arts are losing their jobs due to lack of funding and job cuts. Fortunately, the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts is developing workshops and programs for young children to get involved. Projects such as this one challenge these students to think in different ways and learn a little bit about the history behind some of these famous works. These elementary school students are being provided with the opportunity to get involved with their community and learn more about the arts in the upcoming workshops. I fully support community organizations such as the CFTA, which are eager to reach out to students and allow them to express their creative interests in a time when the education system is neglecting the valuable teachings of the arts.

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