Armed Robbery at University Market

Murfreesboro Police responded to reports of an armed robbery at University Market around 10:35 Monday night.

The clerk stated that two armed, black males entered the establishment through the right side door and took a cashier drawer containing $400.

The first suspect is described as between 5’5″ to 5’7″ tall, wearing white Nike shoes, black socks, shorts, jacket, a white t-shirt and a blue, red, and yellow fisherman style hat and a blue bandana over the face at the time of the incident. He was armed with a shotgun.

The second suspect is described as about 5’8″ tall, wearing a black North Face jacket and had a white t-shirt wrapped around his head and an American flag bandana over his face at the time of the incident. He was armed with a handgun.

Detectives were on scene and took over the investigation, running a K-9 track that was unsuccessful in locating the two subjects.

Video footage was reviewed during the investigation, but no arrests have been made at this time.

University Market is located at 1607 Middle Tennessee Blvd., approximately one mile from campus.

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    October 30, 2015

    Well, that’s pointless. To rob a store, put yourself in jeopardy, and only for $400. So two robbers come up on $200 a piece, what a catch! (Sarcasm) People are not using any common sense. I hope and pray that the police do find these two guys because Middle Tennessee State University students need to feel safe in this environment. That incident happened very close to campus. It seems like almost on a weekly basis we receive alerts about an armed robbery on campus, or some kind of assault. I know that it is not any ones fault in particular except for the malicious fools that attack us, but we need to raise awareness for safety. Daily patrol would be useful in keeping criminals afraid to attack. For this to happen so close to campus, as well as the many things that happen on campus, show that criminals feel safe or free to attack or make threats. I feel that if many people stand together against this we can impact the amount of crime that takes place on or around our school. No shade to TSU, but I didn’t go there for a reason. People are robbed, killed, and threatened monthly if not weekly. TSU has a reputation for not being a safe place. I feel that trend is making its way to Murfreesboro. Maybe if the police was more concerned about safety than traffic stops we would have less of this problem. (Just my personal opinion.)

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