MTSU searches for Sexual Assault Liaison Coordinator

MTSU is creating a new position on campus in an effort to combat sexual assault cases, according to a release from the university.

It will be the responsibility of the new coordinator to respond immediately to reported sexual assault incidents and “help the victims navigate the university’s judicial and administrative processes.”

“Our desire is to help put someone in place from our department who can work with these people who might be victims to help them discover the right pathway for them,” said Buddy Peaster, chief of university police, in a statement to MTSU.

Other responsibilities would include creating on campus-wide sexual assault prevention education and creating policies to help reduce sexual assaults. The liaison would be expected to coordinate efforts among other on-campus entities that traditionally have dealt with sexual assault victims, such as the June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students, the Student Counseling Center, Health Services, Health Promotion and the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.

According to Peaster, situations that would require the liaison’s assistance include, for example, getting victims out of classes attended by alleged perpetrators or out of housing where alleged perpetrators also live.

The coordinator’s position is grant-funded for three years with renewal contingent on additional funding, according to the release from the university. However, Peaster said his intention is that the position ultimately becomes a permanent one as the tremendous growth in Murfreesboro over the past few years has resulted in a greater need for services.

The sexual assault intervention liaison coordinator’s position is posted at MTSU’s job siteApplications will close on Monday, Oct. 26.

For more information, contact Peaster at 615-898-2426 or or MTSU’s Office of Human Resources at 615-898-2929.

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    October 28, 2015

    Sexual assault occurs on a college campus at alarming rates, many of which are suppressed by universities to preserve reputations. This issue has become more of a concern in recent years and many universities are under suspicion for telling victims to forget about what happened and not report the incident to keep numbers low. However, victims need to have resources to deal with these horrific encounters and to be believed and counseled properly. All suspects should be properly questioned and held accountable for their actions both by the university as well as the police department. Colleges all over the country should be following the lead of universities like MTSU and taking action to prevent the number of assaults, but also provide adequate resources in order to allow victims to recover and receive emotional and medical attention if necessary. Universities need to stop sweeping incidents under the rug and take action in combating sexual assault on campus. This position will allow programs and proper procedures to be put in place to allow these victims, men and women alike, to become aware of the issues and feel as though they can step forward and even feel comfortable enough to prosecute their attacker.

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