Burning tampon wedged in door at The Grove

Murfreesboro Police responded to reports of a fire at The Grove apartments on Sunday.

The victim, an MTSU senior, advised that she entered to her apartment to gather some belongings when she noticed a burning smell.

She went back to the front door, where she found a white male standing outside. She also reported that a tampon had been set on fire and wedged between her door and doorknocker.

She closed the door and went inside to find her roommate, however, upon returning to the door both the subject and tampon were gone.

The Murfreesboro Fire Department responded but found no evidence of a fire.

There are no suspects at this time.

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    Mark Bell
    November 3, 2015

    Hey there. Just some advice. There is no reason to identify the race of a suspect in your reporting unless you give other identifiers, such as what they were wearing or what age they appeared to be, what color hair they had, etc. Leave the police speak to the police is what my old editor taught me. Race has no relevance to the story without the other identifiers. Take this advice for what its worth and keep up the fine work.

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