Update: Sigma Pi sanctioned for threatening or disruptive conduct, alcohol violations, other

The Theta Omega chapter of Sigma Pi was put on disciplinary probation by  Middle Tennessee State University on January 12, following sexist remarks apparently made by brothers and leadership of the fraternity.

The university did not release a formal statement regarding the disciplinary actions taken. Sidelines received the letter of sanctions from Judicial Affairs along with other disciplinary information pertaining to a separate story.

According to these documents, the chapter is on disciplinary probation for threatening or disruptive conduct, disorderly conduct, and alcoholic beverages.

“These sanctions are a direct result of the alcohol violations and negative occurring within the Sigma Pi chapter,” Amanda Samsel, coordinator of judicial affairs and mediation services at MTSU, wrote. “The demeaning attitudes towards women and the rampant alcohol abuse uncovered is not appropriate, nor does it represent MTSU or the Greek community. You are reinforcing negative stereotypes that have plagued fraternities for years. Be better. Do better.”

Along with the disciplinary probation, the chapter is facing educational sanctions requiring apology letters to all campus sororities and the Greek community as a whole, a required partnership with the June Anderson Women’s Center and is required to host and attend a series of speakers on the topics such as hyper masculinity and perpetuating negative stereotypes.

After suggesting a formal membership review, Samsel recommends the chapter reconsider members of leadership.

“I am strongly recommending that some of your current leadership consider stepping down. This is not being mandated, but again, this is something I think the chapter should strongly consider,” Samsel wrote. “Fraternity officers are supposed to be the moral and ethical leaders of one’s organization. Does the chapter feel as if they have the right men in the right positions?”

Jason Walker, interim executive director of  the International Executive Office of Sigma Pi, told Sidelines on January 19 that the organization had no further information to share regarding the accusations.

On February 5, Walker told Sidelines that Sigma Pi International would not be taking any disciplinary action against the chapter.

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    Update: Sidelines still trying there hardest to take down Greek life instead of reporting actual news.

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